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Additional fees may be required due to local building code requirements

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Single Family Home Plan Price Schedule
Square Feet PDF Reproducibles CAD Files
0–2,000 $1,595.00 $1,995.00 $2,595.00
2,000–3,000 $2,495.00 $2,995.00 $3,395.00
3,000 and up $3,295.00 $3,695.00 $3,995.00
Multi-Family Building Plan Price Schedule
Units PDF Reproducibles CAD Files
2 $2,495.00 $2,995.00 $3,295.00
3 $2795.00 $3295.00 $3995.00
4 $3695.00 $4295.00 $4695.00
5 and up call for price call for price call for price
Commercial Building Plan Price Schedule
Building Type PDF Reproducibles CAD Files
Office/Retail call for price call for price call for price
Industrial call for price call for price call for price
Garage/Storage Building Plan Price Schedule
Price Schedule PDF Reproducibles CAD Files
A $550.00 $750.00 $995.00
B $750.00 $950.00 $1,295.00
C $750.00 $950.00 $1,295.00
D $950.00 $1,250.00 $1,695.00
Plan Order Additions
Extra Copies (maximum of 4) Call for Price
True Mirror Copies (readable) Call for Price
Exterior 11"X17" hand drawn or computer rendering (black & White) Call for Price
Exterior 11"X17" hand drawn or computer rendering (color) Please Call for Price
Specification guideline for exterior & interior quality’s $250.00 each (available all plans)
All blueprints include the following:
(Detail Requirements vary for each plan dependant on complexity of building)
Floor plans Wall and floor details 4 Exterior elevations
Fireplace details Foundation or basement plan Cabinet elevations Building Enclosure Details
Roof plan Electrical layout Building cross sections (as deemed necessary) Firewall and floor/ceiling assembly details
Beam calculations and lateral bracing requirements additional. (Add'l fees and a Structual Engineers Stamp may be necessary due to local building code requirements)

All other necessary construction details. Please do not hesitate to ask for metric dimensioning. This can normally be done for an additional fee
Code Compliance
We are constantly learning new and improved construction techniques while keeping up with the changing building codes. Most of the prepared plans are primarily done to the most current International Residential Code (IRC), International Building Code (IBC), or Uniform Building Code (U.B.C.) Code jurisdiction depends on local state code requirement. You may wish to consult with a local A.I.B.D. building designer, engineer, architect, or building official to verify specific construction techniques and or building codes specific to your geographic area along with licensed architect or engineered stamp requirements, and have them prepare the necessary modifications to the plans to meet your local codes, or you may contact us to assist you in bringing your plan in compliance. It is the obligation of the purchaser and or contractor to verify and comply with all local building codes.
License Agreement & Copyright
When you purchase a Building Designs By Stockton blueprint or Reproducible set, we, as Licensor, grant you, as Licensee, the right to use these documents to construct a single building (exceptions apply with separate contract when purchasing a CD or Reproducible set of drawings. All of the plans in our Portfolio are protected under the Federal Copyright Act, Title XVII of the United States Code and Chapter 37 of the Code of Federal Regulations. All blueprints shown in this portfolio cannot be re-sold or used by any other person, copied, or reproduced by any means without written permission from Building Designs By Stockton.

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